Hello, my name is Alex Haras.

I’ve always loved working with computers. As a kid, I remember playing on the family computer, breaking and fixing things, or working on little projects in my spare time. In a lot of ways, everything has come full circle.

Originally, I was going to school to become a lawyer. Around Junior year of college, I knew it wasn’t for me. I tried pushing through to law school anyways. I spent half my time doing labs and projects on top of course work in my dorm room. I wanted to quit that path and work in tech, so I did.

Through my career, I’ve spent time working with quite a few different environments and roles. I started off in more of the Desktop Support and Systems Administrator role. Lately, I’ve been in more of a hybrid between DevOps, Systems Administrator (Linux), and Security Operations. Most of my time is spent improving our back and front end builds/release processes and I’ve really enjoyed working to improve our codebase and CI/CD pipelines.

Regardless of role, I like finding opportunities to use Infrastructure as Code (primarily Hashicorp’s Terraform) and containers (Docker) and tend to implement them whenever appropriate. I like working with these technologies specifically because I feel like it allows me to build and deploy things in a much more scalable way.

Outside of work, I like hiking and running. Photography has become a recent hobby for me. I’ve also been interested in building custom mechanical keyboards for a few years. To this day (just like college), I still try to find some spare time to work on little coding projects and labs with newer technologies, which I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Security Specialty

Issued: June 2022 - Expires: June 2023

Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Solutions Architect Associate

Issued: May 2019 - Expires: May 2022

GitLab - GitLab Certified Associate

Issued: April 2021


al-haras - Malbaz


Created a CLI tool written in Golang used to interact with the Malware Bazaar API. Primarily used to automate the process of downloading recently uploaded Malware and running Malware Samples in a user’s created test environment as a way to test and evaluate AV/EDR solutions with fresh samples.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud - sfcc-ci


Tool designed and maintained by Salesforce to assist DevOps Engineers and Developers interact with Salesforce Commerce Cloud instances. Added functionality/improvement allowing users to specify site exports using a json file.

Hugo Themes - Toha


Theme created for use by a Go written static site generator tool called Hugo. Implemented fix where URLs in the footers are causing websites not route properly from the posts page on generated sites.